Fresh brand space.

We create spaces that build sustainable connections between brands and people in ways that enrich both. Spaces that curate stories and engage consumers in rich and meaningful conversation.

This is Wondersphere.

Thinking & Tinkering.

The power of precise creative thinking is not limited to our strategic or conceptual work. We care as much about application as we do about strategy, ensuring ideas flourish in real world implementation.

Small with Big Ideas.

With a head full of ideas you might think that we have a lot to say. More than anything however, we place value on the art of listening.

Listening empowers us to deliver fresh, standout creative thinking and solutions.

Simple & Instant.

Our size and focus ensures that we are able to react quickly. We embrace the inevitable change of responding to parameters that are always evolving.

We believe in the power of simple ideas, brought to life with maximum impact.


We take pride in building bespoke and sustainable solutions to unique brand challenges. We are detail obsessed, for it is often the small details that ensure genuine and sincere engagement with consumers.

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